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Monday, October 5, 2015

WAEC Literature: Bigger Thomas in Native Son

The concept of alienation played a lot in the life of Bigger Thomas. This is a boy whose sensibilities have been smeared by the racial prejudice in which he grew up. His service in the house of mr and mrs Dalton is not with any amount of job satisfaction. And this is why he does his work as a chauffeur with resignation which eventually led the tragedy that befell the Dalton family later in the novel. Bigger is billed to drive Mary Dalton to the university that evening but Mary behaving like a spoilt child directs their to her boy friend Jan who takes her to a restaurant that Saturday evening where they got drunk and Bigger has to bring her home in the night. At home Bigger starts touching her breast, but the blind mrs Dalton enters the room and in an attempt to hide his action, Bigger places a pillow on the face of Mary to prevent her from talking and create an illusion that no one is in the room. This action led to the accidental death of Mary and Bigger becomes guilty of murder. It can be stated that the murder of Mary is a dramatic release of pent up feelings of Biger Thomas grown over the years emanating from a series of indignities suffered by the blacks at the hands of the white man .Even the government prosecutor at the trial of Bigger Thomas is latently aware of this without obvious statement of that fact.The Coroner pretended ignorance of this but the self-appointed defender of the culprit drew heavily on that knowledge in his attempt to ameliorate the crime and at least secure a jail term for Bigger Thomas instead of death sentence. There are two focal points of murder hanging on the neck of Bigger Thomas. It will be recalled that in his attempt to hide the fact that he killed Mary Dalton he has to kill his girlfriend Bessie who was so hysterical in her reaction to the murder of Mary Dalton. But in the ensuing trial nothing much is heard of the murder of Bessie. The accusation is that he killed a white lady, which means that if it is only Bessie that he killed, there might even have been no trial. This is why racial prejudice and racism should be condemned in all its ramifications. The WAEC Literary series continues.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse remains an abhorred subject both locally and internationally. The show of pornography both in electronic and print media is one sure method of sexual abuse. Human beings are not animals and should not live as such. The sanctity of human body must be maintained by all and sundry. It becomes so nauseating to see men and women making themselves naked and showing such naked bodies to the public.Exposure of such naked bodies to public glare is one sure way of arousing in the individuals the urge for inordinate sex.Such urge thus leads to sexual abuse. Suffice it to say that there are other causes of sexual abuse such as poor family upbringing , bad character formation, peer to peer imbibed habit and express disobedience to the law of God concerning sexual relations. Sexual abuse reduces man to the level of animals and must be avoided in all its ramifications. There are dire consequences of sexual abuse.We are not talking here about gay marriage which of course is number one sexual abuse .It may interest you to know that homosexuality which is at the root of gay marriage is one of the sins that led to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorah in the Bible. See Genesis 18 and 19. The dire consequences of sexual abuse starts here on earth. First such abuses can lead the culprit into contacting sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis,staphlococus, AIDS and other deadly diseases.And the result of all this can mean untimely for the people indulging in sexual abuse or unbridled sex. The solution for the above problem is to repent and turn to our Lord Jesus Christ who only can save you from all your sins including the sin of sexual abuse so that you can escape hell fire in the end.For the end of your life will come one day

Monday, August 25, 2014

2014 FIFA World Cups

The 2014 FIFA World took place in Brazil from June to July 13 . What lessons did Nigeria learn from our not very good performance? We lacked proper formation and team work in that match. It seems that each player was trying hard to be the goal scorer and the whole thing ended up in the lacklustre performance. But it is important for us to learn fromhistory against future events. We have a formidable football team in Nigeria. What we need is artistic approach to the issue. Team work is one of the artistic approach we should use in future football matches so as to maintain our leading position in world football. Again we must note that a miss is as good as a mile.Again nearly does not kill a bed. Again it is not over until it is over. These are the fundamental lessons our players should learn to put into practice in future encounters. Let me give us a practical example referring to what happened in 1994 World cup. In that year the slot fell on Nigeria and Italy to play in the semi-finals. Nigerian team played aggressively and scored the first goal and defended that goal until towards the end of the match. The Italian team were making frantic efforts to equalize because the score line has been 1-0 against the Italians. And Nigerian team maintained that position until the 88th minute. At this point the Nigerian team relaxed in their defense thinking that it is over. They have forgotten that it is not over until is over. Again resilience comes into play here. It will take a determined heart to hold tenaciously to your position and and defense until it is over. In that match the Italians held to their defense and determination to equalize and they achieved it. So I want us to learn the above lessons of resilience and determination in all our athletic and football outings. This year's world cup is dominated by the Germans defeating Argentina 1-0 in Brazil on July 13 and defeating Nigeria 1-0 in FIFA under 20 Female world cup in Canada on August 24.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Political Theory

Political Theory concepts are anchored on many indices which determine political activities the world over. On such concepts is based is the ideology of zoning.Of course the idea of zoning is predicated on the multiplicity of ethnic groups that constitute the human environment. This again is consonance with Federal system of government that is most suitable a nation that is made up of many ethnic groups or races. And this is aimed at giving everybody an equal opportunity to participate in the governance of that state. Democracy as we have the legacy from the Greeks is government of the people by the people and for the people. Based on the above premise zoning becomes the best option for pushing tentacles of government to reach every section of the state or nation. To the major ethnic group in any political situation, zoning may not go down well because of the nature of human beings who believe in the winner takes all. But being fair to all means that political offices be so distributed so as to accommodate all.The principle of democracy espouses this ideology for the good and improvement of man. It is this principle that has been fostering the needed unity in different parts of the world including Nigeria

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Biafra Aftermath

The quest to realize the Republic of Biafra has come a long way. The primary reason for that quest is to maintain peaceful coexistence with our Nigerian neighbours. And the misunderstanding of the actual reasonms for that quest led to the thirty .month civil war with its attendant bloodshed,the aim of which on the Nigerian side is to end the the Biafran dream. Unfortunately the conditions that triggered off the Nigerian Civil war is still with us today even attracting International attention.The level of terrorism in Nigeria today is nauseating and has negated whatever good intentions those who frustrated the Biafran cause might have. It is an irony of history that what the Igbo people wanted to prevent some 43 years ago by declaring their own independent state was still happening today in Nigeria and that with reckless abandon. In the court of moral justice are all the people who vehemently opposed the Biafran Idependence only to witness the level of terrrorism unknown in Nigeria of the sixties. Be that as it may peaceful coexistence is what we preach after the demise of Biafra some 43 years but that peace has remained elusive because those who are bent on terror do not want to hear. But we are begging them to lay down their arms becauise the nation cannot make any meaningful growth without peace. And moreover foreign investors cannot come here to establish their industries and companies in an atmosphere charged with terrorist activities. We therefore enjoin all gadiators and perpetrators of this evil called terrrorism to sheathe their swords because Nigeria as a nation has come to be .And it will not pay any body any good dividend to continue to destabilse the nation through terrorist activities. In summary we want to state categorically that Biafra fought a just cause to end man's inhumanity to man.But the world so Biafra then as not doing the right thing and hence the encpsulation of Biafra by their unbridled support to the Nigeria side of the conflict.And the peace Biafra has wanted to maintain by embarking on that conflict was thwarted by Nigeria and her supporters.Therefore peace remains elusive in the country many years after the civil war.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Philosophy of Education

This concept is aimed at achieving correct and adequate dimensions in the quest to educate the world. Pragmatism should be the watch word in any educational endeavour.This means that educational planners all over the world must focus on the workability of their plans according to their peculiar environment. This means that environment plays an important part for the success of any educational plan. The sum total of environment both includes the physical environment and the social and economic environment. There are a number of factors that account for the success of any educational plan such as availability of funds, the nature of available infrastructure, the manpower needs such as the availability of teachers for various subjects. Until all the above factors are considered and taken care of, pragmatic educational plan may remain a utopia existing on paper only.The main point of this essay is to state it clearly that nations all over the world should take a pragmatic approach in their educational plans.This will create an enabling environment for the success of all their educational plans.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Salvation Only Through Christ

Right from the dawn of history humanity's problem has been the problem of sin.Man has been able to conquer space by landing on the moon. For instance in April 1961 the first man landed on the moon.He is the Russian Yuri Gagarin. A few days later an American spacecraft [manned] landed on the moon and the astronaut walked on the moon.

But man has not been able to solve the problem of sin.But thank God that He has given us a way out of sin .That Way is Jesus Christ the Son of the living God.In the gospel of John Jesus says ' I am the door, by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved,...' and in Hebrews 9.22 the Bible says 'And almost all things are by the law purged with blood and without shedding of blood is no remission.' So it is the blood of Jesus that will wash away all your sins if you will obey the gospel preached by Christ himself in Mark chapter 1 verse 15 where he says '...repent ye and believe the gospel'

Repentance means turning away from all your sins and confessing the sins already committed to God and begging Him to forgive you. Note our quotation in Hebrews above that without shedding of blood there is no remission[forgiveness]. So that when you repent God will forgive you for Christ sake.He will wash away your sins in His Christ blood.Then you start living a new life free from sin so that you escape hell fire in the end. See also Hebrews 10.14 where the Bible says 'For by one offering he has perfected for ever those that are sanctified'. And in 2Corinthians 5.21 we read 'For our sake he was made sin who knew no sin that we might be made God's righteousness in him'. So in Christ you are made righteous if you repent and trust in him to save you. Pray this prayer now for the Lord is at hand, 'O Lord God, I repent of my sins now [confess them one by one to God], please Lord, Jesus come into my heart and make me God's own righteousness with thy blood' I pray in Jesus name. Amen'.You are forgiven and saved, continue reading your Bible and doing the commandments of the Lord, see John 6.37